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2016 NSSCC

A few photos from the opening rounds

Kirton & Underwood - Oulton
Almost - Lodge catches another
Frantic first corner - Oulton
And again
Simon Sheridan finds the bumpy bits
Battling Beemers
Bill Addison trying to shake off Steve Kell
A visiting Phil House finds Bill Addison up his bum
Reigning Champion Kirk Ermitage fighting for Clervaux with Matthew Kirkby
44 Mike Cutt and 79 Paul Brydon as close as ever
Andy Wilson leading the pack
The rush to Clervaux
The new Andrew Morrison SEAT
Alan McPherson's lovely class A Peugeot 206
Steve Kell likes Cadwell Park
Told you
The thundering Falcon of Andy Robinson
Kellamity enjoying Hall Bends
David Cox winding up the Peugeot
Its those battling Beemers again
It could only be Jackie
Steve Craggs and slip angle
Mark Leybourne proving Agility isn't just for dogs